Google Video Has Hit The Docks

I am aware of how often the Google name has cropped up at this blog, but there is a method to the madness. Google stock price is now where the Microsoft stock price was in the late 1980s: you ain't seen nothing yet. Gates himself has said Google is the first company to be directly challenging Microsoft. It is almost a generational change. Microsoft in Eisenhower or Bush Sr., Google is Kennedy or Clinton. Something of that sort. And now Google has been in news for its video display and 3D maps. In the previous generation, there was a lot of vaporware. Google on the other hand surprises you. They don't tell you what they are working on, and boom, they have something new to offer. They are a software company like Microsoft. Yahoo is more a content and aggregate company. But Yahoo is pretty cool too. At the least it will keep Google on its toes.

My recommendation on Google stocks: buy and stick to it for a decade. It will keep splitting. They are going to keep innovating until the PC as we know it is a goner.

The split thing, that is what happened to Microsoft.

What Google needs to work on is MathML for Blogger. As it is, you can do text, audio, and now video. Soon there will be money transfer. That leaves one big gaping hole: MathML. Or its equivalent. One should have the option to insert mathematical equations at Blogger. That is one big amiss. I emailed them about it. I am sure some others are having the same thoughts. But I have not seen the idea discussed publicly at any Google forum.

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