Blockchain PDFs

Blockchain: An Introduction (49 pages)

Bitcoin: A Peer To Peer Electronic Cash System by Satoshi Nakamoto (9 pages)

Bitcoin Technology Overview (59 pages)

Blockchain Economics (53 pages)

Conceptualizing Blockchains: Characteristics And Applications (9 pages)

Blockchain White Paper (20 pages)

What Is A Blockchain (4 pages)

The Impact Of Blockchain For Government (41 pages)

Blockchain And Suitability For Government Applications (41 pages)

Reinforcing The Links Of The Blockchain (19 pages)

Blockchain And Distributed Ledger Technology At Travelport (14 pages)

Application Of Blockchain Technology In The Manufacturing Industry (23 pages)

Blockchain And Economic Development: Hyper Vs. Reality (49 pages)

Blockchain Challenges And Opportunities: A Survey (25 pages)

An Overview of Blockchain Technology: Architecture, Consensus, and Future Trends

Blockchain For Fragile States: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly (7 pages)

Global Blockchain Benchmarking Study (122 pages)

Blockchain: Distributed Ledger Technology And Designing The Future (115 pages)

Unlocking The Real Value Of Blockchain Through Its "Sweet Spot" (10 pages)