Could The New York Times Relaunch As A Tech Startup?

The New York Times Co. Reports $709 Million in Digital Revenue for 2018

709 million dollars is a lot of revenue. For a tech startup on the way up. But for an old company, it is chump change. Your market value is not what you are making this year. It is what you are projected to make in the future years. If you are making 700 million this year, but are projected to make no money in three years, your market value will nosedive to zero. On the other hand, if you will stagnate at 700 million, you might get a 5X or a 10X and have a market value below 10B.

What would it take for the New York Times to see a 40% increase in revenues every year for years and years? Obviously the same old, same old would not do.

Is it possible for an old company to relaunch itself? Or must old companies necessarily die and new ones take their place?

Is there a hybrid model possible where a new small team comes in to take an old company to new heights? An equity structure might be where that new team gets one third, and the old NYT keeps two-thirds in equity, and the new team helps take the organization to new heights with new business models.

The broad directions would be deeply digital, niche payments, tiny payments, and global.