A Touch Of Autism

Major brain structures implicated in autism.
Major brain structures implicated in autism. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
A Touch Of Asperger's

“There is no black and white dividing line between mild autistic traits and having a label of autism, and geeks and nerds in Silicon Valley” ....... “Mild autism can provide some intellectual advantages and severe autism is a great handicap” ...... “If all the autism traits were removed, we would lose many creative minds in music, art, math and science.” ..... It’s possible that some people with autism may focus intensely on their own thoughts, to the exclusion of listening to others speaking to them, and this might lead autistic people to generate less conventional thoughts and expressions ...... “The finding that people with high levels of autistic traits offer fewer responses to creative questions, but more original ideas does not surprise me”
Study says individuals with autism are more creative
312 participants who were found to have “subthreshold autistic traits”, or those who were categorized under borderline autism but were not actually diagnosed with autism. ..... an autism spectrum disorder. ..... participants who answered with four more unusual responses had more traits of autism than those who gave common answers. .... were asked to interpret abstract drawings in as many ways as they could, the researchers found that those found with autism traits came up with more creative but lesser number of answers. .... “People with high autistic traits could be said to have less quantity but greater quality of creative ideas.”


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