Longer, Healthier Life

Human genome
Human genome (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I think I would like to live past 100. What about you? I have seen pictures in newspapers of people who have done it without any Singularity type help. All of them were slim though.

If you do exercise, you can be as vibrant at 80 as you are at 40, almost.

How Computers Will Crack the Genetic Code and Improve Billions of Lives
Machine learning and data science will do more to improve healthcare than all the biological sciences combined. ..... the most epic challenge — extending the healthy human lifespan ..... Your genome consists of approximately 3.2 billion base pairs (your DNA) that literally code for "you." ..... Your genes code for what diseases you might get, whether you are good at math or music, how good your memory is, what you look like, what you sound like, how you feel, how long you'll likely live, and more. ..... Each person's genome produces a text file that is about 300 gigabytes. ...... The genome of the 100 trillion + microorganisms living in our bodies. There are 10 times as many microbial cells than human cells, and their effects on our bodies are enormous and massively understudied........ With millions and millions of documents/websites/publications online that were already translated, and a crowd of 500 million users to correct and "teach" the algorithm, GT can quickly and accurately translate between 90 different languages.


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