The Ultimate Megacity: 100 Million People

  • 100 million people: the biggest Megacity in the world. 
  • A mini earth in terms of cultural diversity. 
  • Everyone who lives in the city boundaries votes in the city boundaries. 
  • DC to Boston.
  • The backbone: a bullet train. You could live in downtown Baltimore and work in Manhattan and not even think about the commute. 

  • JFK to Penn Station and Newark to Penn Station: short distance bullet trains. To get you there in minutes. 
  • Dedicated Caribbean organic farming to feed the Megacity. I don't know about you but I like mangoes. 
  • 100% electric vehicles in the territory. By law. 
  • A next generation industrialization in the entire Eastern half of the US that is 100% feeding on Clean Energy. 
  • WiFi in every inch of the territory through the TV spectrum. Free. Telecommuting should be the norm in the workplace, partially or fully. 
  • The NYC Subway will have to be reimagined. Levitate it. Extend it. WiFi 100% everywhere. People will be having business meetings in there. No coffee though. 


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