English: WiGig Alliance Logo
English: WiGig Alliance Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I say, bring it on.

A Speedy Wireless Protocol Is Coming to Many Gadgets
The maximum speed of a wireless channel using the current 60 gigahertz protocol is seven gigabits per second (in perfect conditions). That compares to the 433 megabits per second possible via a single channel made using the most advanced Wi-Fi protocol in use today, which transmits at five megahertz. Most Wi-Fi networks use less advanced technology that operates even slower. ...... Whereas Wi-Fi devices blast their signal in all directions, WiGig ones use an array of tens of tiny antennas to point a beam toward the device they are connecting to. ..... WiGig technology will make it possible to transfer a full-length HD movie in just three minutes. ...... The 60-gigahertz signals also have some disadvantages compared to Wi-Fi. They are blocked by walls, ceilings, and floors (although they can be picked up after bouncing off obstructions). This means they can generally only be used between devices in the same room. ..... the frequency can provide high-speed links at distances of 100 meters or more outdoors ...... worked with Google to test it as a way to replace some cables inside large data centers. They also found that a 60-gigahertz device can use its beam like a radar signal to detect the position and size of nearby object .....“Tens of gigabits per second will definitely happen within the next couple of years”