Global Quantum Internet

Who could have thought? Container ships carrying around the Internet.

Why Quantum "Clippers" Will Distribute Entanglement Across The Oceans
The best way to build a global quantum internet will use containerships to carry qubits across the oceans, say physicists.
a quantum version of the internet that will have the ability, among other things, to send information with perfect security ...... there is a very real possibility that the quantum Internet might only ever consist of isolated quantum islands on different continents. ..... it will be possible to send information at bandwidths measured in teraahertz ..... “Bandwidth in excess of one terahertz is feasible under realistic physical assumptions, exceeding even the fastest proposals for traditional repeater networks” .... diamond crystals in which one carbon atom has been replaced with a nitrogen atom. This creates an electron vacancy that can absorb a photon and store its quantum state ..... ocean-going quantum Clippers carrying the cargo necessary to enable a new kind of entanglement-based information economy.