Sapphire Screens

I believe that 11% figure. It is probably an underestimate. A phone case is also a solution, the one I use.

Sapphire Screens Would Test Apple’s Manufacturing and Design Skills
According to one estimate, 11 percent of all iPhones have cracked screens. ..... virtually unscratchable, unbreakable screens could make for a compelling marketing campaign. .... The company’s decision to invest about $700 million in an industrial sapphire plant in Arizona starting last year has added considerable weight to the theory. ..... Sapphire is already used in small amounts to make scratch-resistant screens for luxury watches, and Apple uses small pieces of sapphire to protect the camera and the home button on the iPhone 5S. .... sapphire’s high cost has limited its applications; although new ways of growing sapphire crystals have made it cheaper to produce in recent years, it’s still roughly five times more expensive than toughened glass. ..... second only to diamond on a standard scale of hardness ..... Some types of cutting and polishing can introduce defects into the material that make it easier to break than glass.