Brain Mapping

Medial view of a halved human brain, labeled i...
Medial view of a halved human brain, labeled in latin. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The brain is the true Final Frontier, the most unknown part of the universe. But this still ain't it.

Brain Mapping
At the start of the 20th century, a German neuroanatomist named Korbinian Brodmann parceled the human cortex into nearly 50 different areas by looking at the structure and organization of sections of brain under a microscope. “That has been pretty much the reference framework that we’ve used for 100 years,” Evans says. Now he and his coworkers are redoing ­Brodmann’s work as they map the borders between brain regions. The result may show something more like 100 to 200 distinct areas, providing scientists with a far more accurate road map for studying the brain’s different functions.