Balloons, Drones, And Now Satellites

Outside of Google Beijing, Jan 13, 2010
Outside of Google Beijing, Jan 13, 2010 (Photo credit: Junyu Wang | 王俊煜)
How Google Could Disrupt Global Internet Delivery by Satellite
if Google could beam Internet connectivity to countries that have only a single ISP—often one controlled by a government—and very high prices for Internet connectivity, “that could be a game changer for a huge swath of the globe” ..... O3b satellites orbit at a relatively low altitude of about 8,000 kilometers, and the company says this means a more-tolerable 150-millisecond delay coverage to latitudes up to 45 degrees north or south of the equator, a swath of territory inhabited by 70 percent of the world’s population.
Philanthropy is good business for Google. If it takes internet access to 100 million new people, that will be 100 million new people conducting searches on Google. The monetization part is in-built. And so I wonder why Google is not even more muscular in its attempts.

This is my idea of a moonshot.
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