The Chinese Are Coming

English: The Bering Strait, separating Siberia...
English: The Bering Strait, separating Siberia from Alaska in the North Pacific. NASA image, taken by MISR sattelite Deutsch: Die Beringstraße: sie trennt Ostsibirien von Alaska und verbindet den Pazifischen Ozean mit dem Polarmeer. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Beijing to the US by train: China outlines plans to connect world by high speed rail network
The 'China to Russia plus the United States' line proposed by the Chinese Academy of Engineering would start in the north east of China, travel up through Siberia, across the Bering Strait to Alaska and down through Canada before reaching the contiguous US ..... a link to London via Paris, Berlin and Moscow, along with a second route to Europe following the silk road to reach as far as Germany via Iran and Turkey ...... A fourth Pan-Asian line, connecting China with Singapore via Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Malaysia, is reportedly already under construction. Proposals for lines running from China to Africa are currently being drawn up ..... The most structurally ambitious of the proposals is the US-China link, which would require around 200km of tunnels to cross the gap between Russia and Alaska - four times the length of the Channel Tunnel. .... China already has the technology in place as it will be used to connect the country to Taiwan by underwater high-speed train requiring a 150km long tunnel.
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