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Hunger Games

The Hunger Games (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For the longest time I avoided the movie. What? Kids getting into fights kinda movie? I thought. But once I watched one, I realized the last time I got this excited about a movie was with the Bourne movies. Movie effects can't carry a movie. But they can help a strong plot. And there has to be a timelessness to the theme.

Technological advances will not cure the basic savagery of human nature. There are other remedies to the savagery. And The Hunger Games speak to that. With the Bourne movies it was the idea of a super soldier going to battle with a super government agency. That is the eternal tussle between the individual and the state.
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Facebook Drones: Super Exciting

This is super duper exciting. Does anyone know when 100% penetration is expected? With this immigration reform can take as long as it wants in America. This should have been part of the 2009 stimulus package.

Facebook Looks to Drones to Boost Internet Access
Facebook's new Connectivity Lab is looking at the high-flying devices - not to mention satellites and lasers - to assist in providing Internet access worldwide. ..... work in the Philippines and Paraguay, where 3 million more people now have access to the Web .... Ascenta, whose five-person team worked on early versions of Zephyr, the longest-flying solar-powered unmanned aircraft. ..... Zuckerberg launched in August, with the intent of increasing access to the Web, and bringing the Internet "to the next 5 billion people." As of now, about one-third of the world's population has online access. ..... where satellites may do the trick in lower-density areas, solar-powered drones are better suited for mo…

The List

The List: Mobile Gaming

Can I get you interested in my tech startup? I need a number I can call.— Paramendra Bhagat (@paramendra) March 20, 2014

Can I get you interested in my tech startup? I need a number I can call.— Paramendra Bhagat (@paramendra) March 20, 2014

Can I get you interested in my tech startup? I need a number I can call.— Paramendra Bhagat (@paramendra) March 20, 2014

Can I get you interested in my tech startup? I need a number I can call.— Paramendra Bhagat (@paramendra) March 20, 2014

Can I get you interested in my tech startup? I need a number I can call.— Paramendra Bhagat (@paramendra) March 20, 2014

Can I get you interested in my tech startup? I need a number I can call.

Audio: One Of The Next Big Things?

I would put audio in one of the next big things category. Textual conversation is nice, it sure is efficient, but if so much is gained, so much is also lost in the process. Would you argue that SMS has finally managed to displace in person meetings? I don't think that will ever be possible. If online video has not managed to displace in person meetings, what are the chances of SMS?

SMS is convenient, it is efficient, and by now it is also cheap. Free is cheap.

There is an inherent richness to audio that textual conversation simply does not capture.

There are a few things that get in the way of audio. One is bandwidth. Audio files are half way to video. They take so much space. There are huge hurdles in search when it comes to audio. We don't have machines that "read" audio files as readily as they read textual files. A comparable search engine for audio files would figure out the language of the audio files and their content, and there would be the option to transla…

San Fran And New York

Out of fog Bay Bridge and Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco in fog and crepuscular rays. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) San Francisco is not a "city" the way New York is a city. San Fran is not big enough. It is not dirty enough. It is not Delhi/Mumbai enough.

Why San Francisco Is Not New York
For one thing, today’s San Francisco is much more of a company town. Go into any bar in San Francisco and you will hear people talking about their start-up, or a battle they recently had with a line of code. Stop by a coffee shop in some neighborhoods here and you will be surrounded by venture capitalists being pitched a new idea for a new app. All of these people rarely, if ever, interact with people outside the tech world...... In New York, if you meet someone who works in tech you feel like you’ve met a long-lost relative. Bars, coffee shops and restaurants are a mishmash of people from vastly different industries. ..... The lack of diversity between social groups in San Francisco isn’…

Public WiFi In India's Poorest State

This is monumental. Nitish has built many roads and many bridges to help Bihar catch up with the rest of India. But he needs to build public WiFi to help Bihar catch up with the rest of the world. And he is doing it. I am proud.

The entire city of Patna has to be turned into one free public WiFi zone. Bihar has to be turned into a world class knowledge economy.

There is no internet without electricity, and just like the Yellow River was turned from being the sorrow of China to a boon for China, Bihar and Delhi have to work in concert with Nepal to turn Kosi from being the sorrow of Bihar to a boon for Bihar and Nepal. All of Nepal's 200,000 MW hydroelectric potential has to be tapped for the benefit of Nepal and India. That would be the best long term solution to Bihar's energy needs.

I find Nitish endlessly inspiring. To those who say if democracy is the superior form of government, why is China growing so much faster, Nitish is the answer. Nitish Kumar's Bihar is gro…

Shake That Thing: Does Amazon Have No Limits?

In 2003, #Amazon & #RadioShack each had about $5b in sales". In 2013, $AMZN was $75b to $RSH at $3.5b.
Michael Parekh (@MParekh) March 4, 2014

The Atlantic: RadioShack Is Doomed (and So Is Retail)
RadioShack's long slide coincides the steep ascendance of Amazon as America's great brick-and-mortar destroyer. In 2003, Amazon and RadioShack each had about $5 billion in sales, as WSJ business editor Dennis Berman pointed out. Last year, Amazon had $75 billion to RadioShack's $3.5 billion. ....... At the end of 2013, RadioShack had 5,000 brick-and-mortar stores with 27,500 employees and $3.5 billion in sales, which is $127,000 in sales per employee. Its website is the 1,066th most popular in the world. At the end of 2013, Amazon had zero brick-and-mortar stores with 117,300 employees (full- and part-time) and $75 billion in sales, which is $640,000 in sales per employee. Its website is the 5th most popular in the world. ..... The co…

Deep Learning

A.I. Artificial Intelligence (album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)"..... deep learning, a relatively new field of artificial intelligence research that aims to achieve tasks like recognizing faces in video or words in human speech ..... "

Is Google Cornering the Market on Deep Learning?
Companies like Google expect deep learning to help them create new types of products that can understand and learn from the images, text, and video clogging the Web..... Not everyone is happy about the arrival of the proverbial Google Bus in one of academia’s rarefied precincts..... a cultural “boundary between academia and Silicon Valley” had been crossed ..... deep learning experts were in such demand that they command the same types of seven-figure salaries as some first-year NFL quarterbacks..... Of the three computer scientists considered among the originators of deep-learning—Hinton, LeCun, and Bengio—only Bengio has so far stayed put in the ivory tower. “I just didn’t think earning 10 times …