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The bitcoin logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I don’t think of America as the ultimate country. This country has enormous deficiencies. I think of America the way Europeans who left Europe for America thought of Europe. I am a Netizen who thinks of the Internet as quite literally a country. And the Bitcoin is a huge step in that direction.

The Bitcoin is the global currency whose creation no government participated in. The Bitcoin has no known creator, and it has no regulators. It is all mathematical, and hence perhaps superior.

I don't think of the Bitcoin as that which will kill the national currencies. May the national currencies live long and give us much joy and pride. But the Bitcoin is the monetary union the world so badly needs. In that sense the Bitcoin is superior to the Euro. With the Bitcoin the national currencies need not go away.

I think of the 2008 Great Recession as a wasted opportunity. The big crisis was an opportunity to reshape the American and the global econ…



Google And Hardware

Image via CrunchBase Google has been a software company. The king of search sits at the center of all things web. I love Google like some people love Apple. When it first came out I remember embedding the Google search engine on my personal homepage which was hosted on Yahoo’s hot domain Geocities, by now defunct. I have watched it as it has grown. It has been amazing to me that although Google has become big, like really big, it has not stopped innovating. When small innovative companies become big, they slow down. But when Google became big it just started innovating at large scales, it simply started tackling large problems that only the resourceful can.

Social came after search and it can be argued Facebook got that one. But mobile came after social and Google’s Android rules the roost. Big Data is widely perceived as one of the next big things and Google seems well positioned for that phase as well. Robotics is all the rage and Google is making acquisitions left and right.

We h…

Raising Money For A Tech Startup

Image via CrunchBase (written for Vishwa Sandesh)

Raising money for a tech startup is a Silicon Valley thing, by now done all over the world. You have a great idea, a basic product, and you go raise money. Jeff Bezos of jotted down his idea on a paper napkin. Based on that he raised money.

Google is a great company. But if you had bought Google shares when it went public at $80 per share, your money would have grown only 10 times when those shares hit $800. That is great but not mind boggling amazing.

Probably the best investment of any is coming into the first round of a tech startup that is going to be wildly successful. The first person to put in $100,000 into Google saw that money become a billion and a half in about eight years. The first person to put $500,000 into Facebook saw that money become two billion in six years.

But there are many more mid-level successes that don’t make it to the mainstream press. Numerous tech companies get bought out at valuations rangi…