Zady Makes Me Think Of 3D Printing Somehow

I came across Zady across various social media platforms and streams I peruse regularly when it first hit the "airwaves." Today I looked it up on Google News. It is an interesting twist. Clothitarian? This is like Mark Zuckerberg killing his own meat. What's the source? You want to know the source. It is kind of like blogging. The best bloggers are not professional bloggers but people who are extremely knowledgeable in their domain. They are the source. You should link to them, not just quote them up. Fast food, fast clothing. Fast fashion. Kiva and Etsy.

I kept thinking 3D printing. In that in an era when connectivity is plentiful, information is plentiful, the least you should be able to know is who sewed it up, right? I think it is interesting, I hope it is scalable.

Looks like Soraya Darabi's hibernation is over. She had half a million followers on Twitter. And you thought that was a fluke. And Google Plus launched and she had half a million followers there as well and pretty fast too. How does that work?

And who knew Zady was available as a name! I thought all two syllable names were long gone.
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