OK Glass

So Sergey Brin - who I like a lot for his China stand - has hooked up with the Google marketing manager who gave the world the phrase "OK Glass." His ex and he are at peace. And the self-made billionaire has found new love. He is a Russian Jew. She is a Chinese Jew. So I read. More important, I feel like he wants to be associated with Google Glass like Steve Jobs is associated with the smartphone. Although I think that is a tall task. The Glass is more like a smartwatch, it is cool, but the smartphone will continue to be the center of the mobile experience, and even the Glass and the smartwatch will hitch to the smartphone bandwagon.

I think she is pretty and funny. And I left a few positive comments on her Google Plus page. Too many people have spewed venom on the same. The crowd can quickly descend to the lowest common denominator. Here comes everybody, but do make the effort to build the close relationships so as to not get bothered by the asteroids spewing venom. This is like Sean Parker complaining in a TechCrunch post about all the venom he and his fiance had to face when they got married. In this day and age of social media, everyone with an internet connection is a pest, I mean paparazzi. Learn to ignore.

I once heard a millionaire say, he was just this normal dude, then he made a lot of money, and he tried hard to keep his old friends and acquaintances from his middle class days but too much jealousy was being spewed and so he started hanging out with other millionaires, and that venom did not exist. Maybe Sergey and Sean should hang. They both have billions and very pretty women.
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