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OK Glass

So Sergey Brin - who I like a lot for his China stand - has hooked up with the Google marketing manager who gave the world the phrase "OK Glass." His ex and he are at peace. And the self-made billionaire has found new love. He is a Russian Jew. She is a Chinese Jew. So I read. More important, I feel like he wants to be associated with Google Glass like Steve Jobs is associated with the smartphone. Although I think that is a tall task. The Glass is more like a smartwatch, it is cool, but the smartphone will continue to be the center of the mobile experience, and even the Glass and the smartwatch will hitch to the smartphone bandwagon.

I think she is pretty and funny. And I left a few positive comments on her Google Plus page. Too many people have spewed venom on the same. The crowd can quickly descend to the lowest common denominator. Here comes everybody, but do make the effort to build the close relationships so as to not get bothered by the asteroids spewing venom. This i…

That Other Other Steve

Wow. Big news. Msft should go android now.
— mark pincus (@markpinc) August 23, 2013
History's biggest acqui-hire: What if Microsoft gets a new CEO by buying Yahoo?
— Christopher Mims (@mims) August 23, 2013
Why not “retire” immediately? Can’t even leave properly.
Marco Arment (@marcoarment) August 23, 2013
From @dinabass sources, 4 on MSFT's internal list of CEO candidates: Tony Bates, Qi Lu, Satya Nadella, Terry Myerson
— Sarah Frier (@sarahfrier) August 23, 2013
By announcing his own retirement, Ballmer just drove the value of his 300M $MSFT shares by ~$1B.
— Zach Epstein (@zacharye) August 23, 2013
"No chance the iPhone is going to get any significant market share."
— MG Siegler (@parislemon) August 23, 2013
My worst 2012 Worst CEO List: Mason $GRPN; Ballmer $MSFT; Johnson $JCP; Pincus $ZNGA; Perez $EK (or whatever its symbol is now)
Herb Greenberg (@herbgreenberg) August 23, 2013
If only Ballmer had been shouti…

Ingress: The Creators Of The Game Are Unimaginative About Its Use Cases

In short, I am saying the people who created the game and are still updating it every few weeks do not know. Only the players who are pushing the game's limits can know. They need to be listened to. A mindless capturing and recapturing of portals gets boring fast. How many L8 farms can you attend?

The poor portal approval mechanism is getting in the way. And the game should allow each agent so many new invites per month like clockwork. You get new portals approved to change the very map on which you are battling. And you have the levers with which to actively recruit and build a team. You do these two things and the game stays challenging. Otherwise, yawn.

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Ballmer's Successor

Image by Google via CrunchBase I think the next CEO can not be an outsider. For a company like Microsoft the next CEO necessarily has to come from inside, just my opinion. And the cloud and enterprise vice president Satya Nadella would be a decent choice. The next CEO has to be about the future, not the past.

Or Microsoft could pull a Yahoo, and bring in Vic Gundotra, a former Microsoft soldier. Gundotra just might bite, since Larry Page is just getting started and Vic might already have hit the glass ceiling at Google. Gundotra's Microsoft past and Google present is an amazing combination. And many would say Microsoft has also had the Yahoo problem: it is widely considered a has been company. The shine just is not there anymore.

@vicgundotra You should become Microsoft CEO.
— Paramendra Bhagat (@paramendra) August 23, 2013
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Marissa Mayer In Vogue


Jackson Heights: Possibilities And Limitations

Vinod Khosla (Photo credit: Wikipedia) (written for Vishwa Sandesh)

Jackson Heights: Possibilities And Limitations
By Paramendra Bhagat (

I have had people tell me, go to California, go to Manhattan at least, this is not the place. I have been to California, and through my daily readings of news in Silicon Valley I have a pretty good feel for the culture there. Manhattan is but a short train ride away. You get on the E or F and you are in Manhattan in 10 minutes, maybe 15. There are people who work in Manhattan but live in Westchester, Long Island, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania even.

There is something to be said to the culture of Silicon Valley. The top venture capitalist in NYC is on record saying it will take NYC decades to get where Silicon Valley is already in terms of startup culture. One generation of successful entrepreneurs provide seed funds and mentorship to the next generation of entrepreneurs, and the network keeps growing.

The first invest…