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Ingress: That Dosa Thang!

Today was supposed to be the Inter Faction Jackson Dosa Interaction, src's brainchild. But my Co-Host chickened out! SRC is like, tomhuze says you revealed the NYC Resistance secrets through code heavy photographs you shared publicly on Google Plus, and so I can no longer talk to you!

Part of the plan was that both src and I would take about five minutes each to make fun of as many agents in the city as possible. If you deprive me the opportunity to do so at a Dosa place, I am going to do it at a blog post, and so here goes.

Mutex yesterday went to a mental hospital (true story) to make portal submissions. What makes Mutex think derp is not going to end up at a mental hospital?

As one of the top agents of the global Resistance, I truly appreciate what tomhuze and rmazzara do for Bedstuy Resistance and College Point Resistance respectively. That low level stuff is also important.

Kimon finally got his long coveted job as the Night Watchman for the Grant's Tomb. He will no l…

Ingress: L8 Farms: Getting 8 People To Show Up

Level 8 farms are clearly superior to L7 farms. Although you need only three L8 agents to build a L7 farm, you need eight L8 agents to build a L8 farm. And you might not have 8 local L8 agents in your area. So you need to help each other level up fast. And even if you have them, you might not know each other. You might know each other, but not everybody might know everyone else. Or it might be hard to get them all together. That is where the Ingress twin Google Plus comes into the picture. Google Plus is the necessary alternate app to the Ingress experience. You can't have all the fun with only the Ingress app. Although it is possible to overdo Google Plus and make it get in the way of the Ingress experience. There is overkill.

L8 farms are so important that it is my claim the team that organizes more L8 farms in a given territory is going to dominate that territory. That one metric alone can be the deciding factor.

People who play the game are aware of the importance of L7 and L…

Ingress Suggestion: Portal Enhancements

I think more incentives should be added to portal ownership.

One would be the concept of collecting rent. So for every day you own a portal you collect maybe 10 points. That would also increase the velocity of the game in that you want to take back a portal before those 24 hours are up. There are players who nurture about a dozen portals or two that are close to where they leave. I think they should be rewarded for keeping those going. Or even 20 points per day. So 10 portals at 20 points per day would bring you a cool 200 points, which is not a whole lot, but it is something. It would make remote recharging more rewarding. And as more portals are added this would make it less likely that portals go out of use and decay.

Another would be the concept of portal history. When you collect a key for a portal it would also have a section that gives you a history of all agents who have owned that portal in that portal's entire history, time stamped.

These two enhancements would make por…

Tumblr Monetization: Sell To Yahoo

Image by Matthew Buchanan / Flickr via CrunchBase You have to be crazy about Tumblr to truly understand its appeal. It is half way there between Blogger/Wordpress and Twitter and, to its hard core users, more fulfilling than both. You can't amass a huge audience and not be able to monetize it. But this sale to Yahoo means monetization can wait some more.

Marissa Mayer failed to buy FourSquare as a Google executive, but she has managed to buy Tumblr as the Yahoo Chief. Both are companies that have helped put New York City on the tech map.

Last I met David Karp was during Social Media Week. This validation is well deserved. Now Karp and team get to nurture the local tech ecosystem some. I am assuming the Tumblr team will stay put in the city. I don't think it wants to wear "f----g Dropbox T-shirts!"

Karp, I have a clean energy idea that I need some seed money for. Are you in? :)

The billion Yahoo paid it will get back in the stock market reward to the Yahoo stock fr…

Ingress: 300K In 2 Hours 15 Minutes

I was able to do 300K in 2 hours and 15 minutes earlier today. I did about 450K total for the day, which is the most I have ever done in one day. I think I am about half a million points from being the top blue agent in New York City.

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