Level 8 In A Month

And that in February, the shortest month. I hit Level 5 without an External Battery. And now that I am a Level 8 I am going to relax a little. I will still go out at least once a week with the express intention of hacking, plus I will be hacking when I am out and about town doing other things. But now I expect to be more skilled at it. Deploy just the right Burster, for example. That is a judgment call.

Now my Ingress focus is going to shift to the hyperlocal apps Highlight and Sonar. The number one reason I wanted to play Ingress was to meet people.

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Now I am going to enjoy the scenery more, and I am going to venture beyond the Farms. I am going to the isolated Portals, because I want to see the city, and I want to meet people.


I took the train to Madison Square Park in the afternoon, not long after lunch. Madison Square Park, Union Squar Park and Washington Square Park all looked blue. I took turns and created a whole bunch of Fields all three places. And I kept walking. I destroyed a whole bunch of green Portals near City Hall, and created blue Fields. Then it was off to Wall Street and Battery Park. I hit Level 8 while I was working Trinity Church, right off of Wall Street.

It is a very good feeling to hit Level 8. Now I can relax some. I had cold sores the final few days, all those late night hours in Battery Park. You get those cold sores when you go up the Himalayas if you are not careful.

It is an amazing feeling to use a Level 8 Burster for the first time. You do some major damage.

I'd like to share some photos.

Creating Fields in Union Square. This is also the Level Omar was at when I met him, and I met him in Union Square.

It was a long walk between Washington Square Park and City Hall. You pass through this zone where there is one Portal per block, often less.

City Hall: green territory turned all blue.

Hitting Level 8 at Trinity Church near Wall Street.

What the Battery Park, Wall Street area looked like when I hit Level 8. Hint: it is not all blue. And that large Field you see I created after I hit Level 8.

About to use a Level 8 Burster for the first time.

The aftermath.

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