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Alibaba And Amazon

alibaba (Photo credit: Anna Kipervaser) We are not used to thinking of Alibaba in the same vein as Amazon, but looks like we should.

Alibaba: The world’s greatest bazaar

Ingress: High Level Stuff

Ingress Tips

(1) We Are Google's Ants

Google has deployed Ingress upon us because it wants to crowdsource the perfecting of Google Maps to hyperlocation, my guess. And that's fine by me. That does not take away from the fact that it is just a great game. I think this war game could emerge a major force for global peace. If you play Ingress you have friends all over the world already.

(2) Ingress-Work-Life Balance

You have heard of the work-life balance thing. Now there is a major Ingress-Work-Life balance issue. If you are not careful this game can totally suck you in. Hours pass by and you are still hacking. You want to go hack just one more Portal only one block away.

(3) Level 8 Socializing

After I hit Level 8 a whole new world opened up for me. I started meeting people. The best thing about hitting Level 8 is being able to attend Flash Level 8 Farm events. You end up with a lot of high level ammo with which to go cause major mayhem.

(4) Bump Points

Like there are Action Poi…

Ingress: A Great Game For The Knowledge Worker

Ingress is a great game for The Knowledge Worker. You sit in front of your computer all day. Ingress makes you walk/run/bike. Ingress makes you explore your city. Ingress makes you meet people. And it is a pretty secular gathering. You meet people from all sorts of backgrounds. The game is a great ice breaker. You start with already having something in common. And since the game is global you could be travelling and you would already have Ingress players to connect with no matter where you go.

Ingress Tips
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Mashable's Infinite Real Estate

English: Pete Cashmore at the Mashable Connect in May 2011 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Mashable is a unique tech success story. It is a media brand name, true, but it is essentially a tech startup gone large. I was just thinking Mashable's unique three different size columns, ample use of white background, and infinite scrolling seems to make for infinite real estate. You show up to read one article and you end up reading many headlines and few more articles. It is very well designed. Mashable has made better use of real estate than Facebook itself.
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Snapchat's Year

Image via CrunchBase Last year it was Highlight's year to shine at SXSW. This year I think that honor goes to Snapchat.

Twitter had its year. It was Twitter that put SXSW on the tech map. One year FourSquare stole the show.

Next year I think we will see a new paradigm emerge. That new paradigm is the NUI, the Natural User Interface. It will be like moving from 2D to 3D. All apps will need to be overhauled. New possibilities will emerge.

The Snapchat Lawsuit, Or How To Lose Your Best Friend Over $70 Million
Bill Gates at SXSWedu: The future of education is data
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Chhath, Scarsdale And Albert Wenger

I was just kikking around with Albert Wenger (Breakfast With Albert (Wenger), VC Albert Wenger, Al Wenger Wants To Learn Scala, What Are You Doing Monday? Come Meet Al Wenger).

And I really wanted to share this picture with him. Then I figured I did not know how to do a search at my blog for that particular post on my phone. I fired up my laptop. The screen shots of our Kik chat, for one split second I thought it would be good to ask him if it was okay to blog them away. Would that be an invasion of his privacy? Then I made the judgment call. I will just be intruding, costing him time if I ask. Either I should not post it, or I should make a judgment call and post it.

English: Devotees of the Festival Chhath Parva in Janakpur, Nepal (Photo credit: Wikipedia) The significance of the picture is, this is Chhath being celebrated in Scarsdale. Chhath is the biggest festival in the culture that I was born into: Mithila is the land, Maithili in the language. It is not exactly a Hindu festi…

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