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English: Red Pinterest logo
English: Red Pinterest logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Pinterest May Be Bigger Than You Think, Competing To Be The 2nd Most Popular Social Network
67 percent of American Internet users are on Facebook, 16 percent are on Twitter and 15 percent are on Pinterest. .... For Pinterest, the 15 percent user number is up from 12 percent in August 2012, suggesting it continues to grow. Instagram placed fourth in the study with 13 percent of American Internet users on the service. .... Pinterest was offering an experience that Facebook wasn't. .... Women outnumber men on Pinterest by 5-to-1
For Pinterest to be competing with Twitter is really something. And it is growing at a clip that it will likely zoom past Twitter. There is a lesson there. Facebook is organized around photos and updates. Pinterest is organized around photos you don't even have to upload. Like many women say, Pinterest is their Google.
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