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1,000,000 Action Points


18 Fields

18 Fields created by me, all except one in the picture.

Ingress Tips

Google's Next Office Space

This above is Google, this below is Apple. Which do you like better?

Big Data, Big Confusion?

Big Data (Photo credit: Kevin Krejci)The Problem with Our Data Obsession
however objective data may be, interpretation is subjective, and so is our choice about which data to record in the first place. While it might seem obvious that data, no matter how “big,” cannot perfectly represent life in all its complexity, information technology produces so much information that it is easy to forget just how much is missing..... life is messy, and not everything can be abstracted into data for computers to act upon There are obvious limitations to Big Data, but overall it is a force for good. The solution to Big Data blind spots seems to be even more Big Data. No?
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Ingress Tips

Join The Squad (Values)

The photo is me hitting Level 7 on Wall Street. Look at the mess I created!

First let's start with what is out there. There are some great sites that give you Ingress tips.

Ingress Tips
Ingress Tips (2)
Ingress FAQ
Ingress Bootcamp

My tips are with NYC on my mind. Even in NYC Manhattan has so many Portals and "Farms" compared to the outer boroughs. So my tips might not be universally applicable.

(1) Get An External Battery 

The game is a major drain on the battery, and you are going to be easily frustrated if you don't get an External Battery. I got my 10,000 mAH battery for $40 on Amazon, the best thing I bought since I bought my Nexus 4! And Nokia gave me a 2,000 mAH External Battery for free for attending a Nokia event during Social Media Week 2013. Go Nokia! 10,000 plus 2,000 plus 2,000 on my phone, and I am good for an entire day if need be! And for me this is not just about the game. I am a power user. My smartphone is my mobile office, my …



Wall Street


Google Going High End

Image via CrunchBase That used to be Apple's territory. Past tense.

The Chromebook Pixel, for what’s next

1500 dollars for a laptop.

I think this is a hint at at the X phone. There is going to be a wow factor to it. It is going to bend, for one.

Why Google Made Its Own High-End Laptop, the Chromebook Pixel
the Chromebook Pixel, a laptop that it designed and built itself ..... Unlike prior Chromebooks, whose main draw was their value, this one is built to compete with the top end of the market...... The three biggest appeals of the Pixel will likely be its touchscreen and high-density display, its elegant design, and the fact that it’s a Web-based device. .... The focus on detail and design is unheard of for a Google product. Where the company had tiptoed into hardware before, it’s striding in wholeheartedly now. .... The smooth device’s hinge gives “the feeling of a luxury car door opening and closing” .... The touchpad is made of glass, and has been tuned with a laser to have a m…

My Keys

CONGRATS to all the winners!! @virtualcmo, @leblanchly @zeeninc, @lovenatalia, @paramendra#SMW13Hyperlocal @brooklynchambers @madmimi— Cristina R Bonet (@CristinaRBonet) February 19, 2013
ATTENTION: @paramendra you left your keys on your seat! Please come back— Cristina R Bonet (@CristinaRBonet) February 19, 2013
@cristinarbonet You are a lifesaver!— Paramendra Bhagat (@paramendra) February 20, 2013
@paramendra Of course! No worries. Thanks for attending #SMW13Hyperlocal and Congrats again on being a prize winner!— Cristina R Bonet (@CristinaRBonet) February 20, 2013
@paramendra you rock! Thnx for your #enengagement at #smw13hyperlocal Congratulations on your prize & getting ur keys back. #smw13— Juan Perez (@SkeeStylus) February 20, 2013
I'd agree that's why she's #TeamHighbrid. "@paramendra: @cristinarbonet You are a lifesaver!"— Juan Perez (@SkeeStylus) February 20, 2013
You guys are making me blush! RT @skeestylus I'd agree that's why she's #TeamHig…

Dropbox Mobility

Image via CrunchBase Google's lament with Facebook was it stands behind a wall, we can't search. Then Steve Jobs brought along iPhone apps that were even further behind the wall. An app was not like a website. You couldn't search. And the data the app collected mostly stayed not among apps, but inside that app itself.

Looks like Dropbox wants to shake that thing. Dropbox is a cloud inside the cloud.

Dropbox Offers a Way to Free Data from Mobile Apps
setting out to build “a fabric that ties together all devices, services, and apps … the Internet’s file system” .... the Sync API, allows mobile apps to save data to a user’s Dropbox account so that the app can be synched across multiple devices .... The Sync API could also erode some of the restrictions imposed by the competing mobile “ecosystems” of Apple and Google by making it easier to switch between them without leaving any data behind. For example, someone who had been using an image editing app for Apple’siPad could ins…