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Official Ubuntu circle with wordmark. Replace ...
Official Ubuntu circle with wordmark. Replace File:Former Ubuntu logo.svg. Español: logo de Ubuntu + marca denominativa Français : Logo officiel d'Ubuntu. Remplace File:Former Ubuntu logo.svg. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
There are billions of people in the Global South waiting to lay their hands on their first smartphone. Android, welcome. Ubuntu, welcome.

Ubuntu Smartphone Aims for Success in Developing Economies
the world’s most popular Linux-based operating system, Ubuntu ..... he expected to make the most progress with the Ubuntu Phone in the developing world, where smartphone sales are only just beginning to take off ..... Ubuntu is already a household name in some of these markets due to its use on desktop and laptops PCs. “We ship on 30 percent of Chinese PCs today” .... models from Dell, Lenovo, and HP. “If you go into a store in India, you will see Ubuntu branding” ..... Canonical coördinates development of Ubuntu and makes money by offering paid-for support to companies using it, with many companies around the world using Ubuntu to run Internet and Web servers. Shuttleworth intends to replicate that model for Ubuntu’s mobile version. .... Ubuntu’s software makes wide use of sideways swiping gestures .... Even though a high proportion of PCs bought in India and China are bought with Ubuntu installed, many are soon wiped, with pirated copies of Microsoft Windows installed instead ... Yesterday Intel announced it would release a new smartphone chip aimed at developing world markets
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