Swype's Language Innovations

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Fast typing is not just about keystrokes. It is also about language. It can be argued it is primarily about language. Voice input for text is quite a treat too. It is great for taking quick notes, to be corrected later, or not. A Gmail saved draft is easy to correct later on a laptop.

Smartphone Dictionaries Go Gangnam Style
may also eventually enable Swype to roll out customized dictionaries based on a user’s geographical region or occupation, and add support for smaller languages that are often ignored by technology companies. .... language varies tremendously from person to person and place to place, and it’s hard to keep up with constantly changing jargon and slang—not to mention doing so in many different languages. ..... Swype Living Language .... If Swype sees a critical mass of people adding a word or phrase—such as “MakerBot”—it will push that out to participating users ..... Swype is also trolling popular blogs and websites for new words that can also be added to its collection. This only goes so far, though, as terms like “Gangnam Style” can show up in users’ vernacular well before becoming popular in the media ...... noticed tens of thousands of appearances of the word “Lochte”—referring to Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte ..... very up-to-date dictionaries that include subjects trending in the world around us. .... new Living Language words will expire after six months unless they retain a certain amount of popularity .... A doctor might use one type of Swype dictionary, while a tech journalist would get another
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