Swype Installed, Swiftkey Paid For

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I did manage to install Swype. But right before that I paid for the paid version of Swiftkey. I had been using the trial version with weeks to go. But it was only four bucks.

Typing is fast enough on the smartphone for me. But it can always do one better.

I don't seem to able to find Swiftkey Flow that supposedly accepts Swype like, well, swipes.

SwiftKey Counters Swype With A Smarter Version, Makes An In-Road Into Healthcare Market
the market seems to be turning into a face-off fight between Swype and Swiftkey. ..... Swiftkey has also released a custom version for the medical industry called SwiftKey Healthcare, allowing health care professionals take better and faster notes on tablets. This is their first entry into enterprise ..... Swiftkey works by understanding what you intend to type by the context of what you are writing. It both corrects words and suggests the next word. The app can be synced with your email, Tweets, and Facebook status updates to better learn your style and vocabulary. As a result the company estimates it’s saved its users over 65 billion keystrokes. ..... The ability to dictate, rather than type, words may help it in Asia where some languages with non-Roman alphabets have thousands of characters. Nuance bought Swype in October for $102.5m.
Swiftkey adds Swype-like gestures to its Android keyboard. Swell!
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