Google AdSense Revenues: Mostly About Increasing Traffic

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Most tips are to do with how you get a ton of traffic. If you can not get a ton of traffic then all other tips fail. 10,000 visitors per day or more and you could live off of Google AdSense. But before that? It better be a hobby. Interviews Matthew Paulson about Generating Substantial Revenues through Google AdSense
80% of his revenue comes from just three quality sites; as long as good quality traffic can be generated from a few sites that are performing well, and if the ads on these sites are optimized, then it would be a much better idea to add content and cultivate quality in those web properties rather than focus on acquiring more sites .... driving traffic means getting consumer attention from Google Video, Bing Video, email newsletters, social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, news sites, finance, sites, and others. "There are tangential search engines like YouTube, Google images and Google news, and there are just plenty of opportunities there; the pool of people that are competing for those rankings is just so much smaller and it’s just a lot easier to get those placements that you want in some of those other search engines." .... posting ads should ideally be a separate concern from posting quality content
How To Make Six Figures Per Year With Adsense
I’ve been doing pretty well with AdSense for the last couple of years. 2012 I made a total of 104,454 dollars and this month I’ll be on track to do about 20,000 dollars just based on the kind of cycle or the seasonality of the type of content sites that I do. ..... 2007 and 2008 I had some personal finance websites that I, you know, had a few thousand hits a day and I was making maybe a thousand dollars a month ...... you can use the Adwords keyword tool to figure out the kind of topics or keywords that people or advertisers are spending a lot of money on so then you can write content about those things ..... if you’re writing about, say, finance or health or things that advertisers think there’s money in. ..... I have four or five writers that I hire stuff out to consistently and I’ve been working with them for years and you know I have pretty good arrangements. I couldn’t bring myself to writing content of sites anymore. I just, I don’t want to be the worker. I want to be the guy, you know, commanding the ship, so I’ve got people writing for me and that’s been working out pretty well. ...... they make the mistake of only focusing on kind of the main Google search results. ...... I have sites that get just a whole bunch of traffic from Google video and Bing video. I’ve got sites that get traffic from an email newsletter I have. I get sites that get traffic from Twitter and Facebook a little bit. I have sites that get traffic from, you know, kind of the Google news and Bing news ....... tangential search engines like YouTube and Google images and Google news ...... take advantage of those alternative traffic sources .... One thing that I’m not very good at is, you know, traditional search engine optimization. I don’t do any satellite sites or anything like that. I have just gotten pretty lucky in getting people to link back and I don’t try to gain the system too much ...... it is kind of a numbers game in just getting a lot of content out there ..... I have a site that gets about 300,000 page views a month and in that, I publish several dozen new articles a week and that’s one of my newest websites. And then I have three writers that write on that site. .........., it gets around about 40,000 page views a month ....... the best content I can get. .... I was’s one of their top Affiliates. I was getting 7 grand a month in affiliate checks from them alone. I was sending hundreds of free trials to them, you know, every month. Then, and the strategy I was using is I created basically a press release for every single audiobook they had on their website and I sent it out kind of through to my different websites. And then when the Google Panda update came, they decided those articles were very similar in stealing quality content so whatever hit the algorithm and you know that revenue dried up overnight. So I lost about 7 grand a month in revenue just overnight when that first Panda 1.0 hit ....... Most of my sites are about a hundred bucks to do a sponsored post on, but there’s still good money in there. I consistently make 4 to 5 grand a month just doing those. ...... maintain a list of advertisers and just email them every month saying “Hey, if you want to do a sponsored post, here is my list of sites. Get in touch if you’re interested” ...... I have a list of 3 or 400 advertisers now and I do pretty well with that. ..... So I’ll do three AdSense ads and three ads to Tribal Fusion and, you know, between those two I can easily make 20-25 bucks for every thousand page views
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