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Paul Graham Is Not That Innocent

Let me state the obvious first. I am a huge admirer of what Paul Graham has built in Y Combinator. And I have drawn enormous inspiration from many of his essays on tech startups. And it was an honor to once get featured in the same BBC article as Paul Graham and Brad Feld. (Paul Graham, Brad Feld, Me, BBC)

And now let me get to the topic at hand. Yes, Paul Graham was misquoted. But that does not change the fact that Paul Graham is guilty of sexism just like I am. I would not accuse him of extreme sexism. I might save that for a ton of men in India. But guilty he is. Why do I say that?

You were there when girls around you were 13. If you did not see sexism then, then you were willfully blind. You very well participated in it. Sexism starts early. Young girls feeding on sexist media do weird things with what they eat. That is sexism.

I don't think there is something fundamental about men and women that makes men head for STEM. Once girls get hit by the pot of sexism early on, the…

Merry Christmas



I did not see Snapchat coming, like I did not see Pinterest coming. They came out of nowhere and took over the world. Snapchat is an app where photos you share self-destruct after they have been viewed. Top names have tried to buy it, a recent offer was over three billion dollars, but the Snapchat founders refused. Obviously they feel like they have something fundamental at hand. Yahoo also tried to buy Facebook for a billion dollars at one point. Look where Facebook is today.

The image is being done and redone by app after app. I guess our sight is our most powerful sense. And we cannot get enough of pictures.

On the face of it the idea is fairly simple. Anybody could have done it. Pictures don’t get stored like on Facebook or Instagram. Pictures that destroy themselves are a guarantee you will have your privacy. You don’t have to worry about embarrassing pictures. You don’t have to be image-conscious while sharing.

Snapchat has caught much momentum among teenagers, many of whom …

Internet Of The Planets And Moons

It is always amusing to me when I read about inter-galactic travel. Light has a hard enough time traveling from one end of the universe to the other end. Who are we? We are overweight humans struggling with nutrition issues. Even if we were to somehow manage to speed up enough to reach the nearest galaxy we would zoom right past it. How would you apply the brakes? Recent observations have shown there are perhaps 40 billion earth like planets just in the Milky Way, our home galaxy. I think that makes it a statistical certainty that life does exist elsewhere besides on Earth. It is possible even intelligent life exists out there. But the laws of physics tell us human travel across the stars perhaps will not happen. What instead we can hope for is that we get better and better at reading signals that come to us. We could send more probes to the planets and the moons in our solar system. We might even send out robots. Instead of inter-galactic human travel, I think the goal ought to be an…

My Mobile Bookmarks



In honor of one of the newest additions to the Oxford English Dictionary - selfie - I have gone ahead and created a photo album by that name. I think you should do it too!

The Social Media Tetris

It can be argued the world of social media is helping us gradually bring down the number on the famed six degrees of separation that separates everyone from everyone else. If people connect and share more, among people they know, among people they don't know yet, as shared interests and activities are discovered, as people interact more, that number goes down. Right? I think so.

One thing I have noticed on Highlight is when you come across a "stranger" the app tells you have so many common friends and shared interests, data it pulls from your Facebook profiles. The shared interests part is intriguing to me. I still wish AirTime had taken off, because people would talk more. A Skype based "AirTime" might be a better idea than the video based attempt. But is Skype giving API issues?

There are downsides. You can end up with flame wars. People can act nasty online. I am so glad the game Ingress a few days back added the capability for you to be able to block use…

The Concept Of Residual Income

Cover of Robert T. KiyosakiCover via Amazon (written for Vishwa Sandesh)

The Concept Of Residual Income
By Paramendra Bhagat (

There is a famous book called Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. Most financially literate people have heard of it. In it he pushes forth the concept of residual income, not his original idea. It is a difference in worldview.

There is the job mentality, and that is perhaps 99% of the people out there. You get a good education to get a good job with a good company. The income might be 20,000 dollars or 200,000 dollars, but that income is still linear. If you don’t show up for work, the money stops coming.

Nothing wrong with jobs. Jobs are how most people pay their bills, put food on the table. Jobs are wonderful things, but there is something beyond jobs. One has to be open to possibilities.

There is business ownership. Upendra Mahato might be flying around the world on NRN activities, but he is still making money at that time, becau…


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With Patrick Maser And Rahman

At Skyline Hotel, Midtown Manhattan. Two hugely inspiring dudes.

The Appeal Of Network Marketing

Looking For A Roadside Donut

Looking for a roadside donut.— Paramendra Bhagat (@paramendra) October 26, 2013
This is not it.— Paramendra Bhagat (@paramendra) October 26, 2013

Ingress: The Same Territory Seven Months Later

February 25, 2013

October 22, 2013

Ingress: My Blog Posts

Ingress: My Blog Posts


Ingress: Hit 8,000,000 AP In Times Square


1 TB: Yahoo Mail's Reentry With A Bang

August 2000 Issue of Yahoo! Internet Life (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Of all things Yahoo Mail could have done, 1 TB in free storage tops the charts. It totally grabbed my attention. Already in recent weeks I have been mass labeling a bunch of mail in my Yahoo inbox as spam so as to declutter.

Getting only relevant mail and 1 TB of free storage surely gets me to give Yahoo Mail a second look. There is no way I am walking away from Gmail. But we all can use a good second email address. I know I need one. Heck, I could use three. Let Hotmail compete.

I could use a Yahoo version of Google Drive for free online storage.
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Larry Page Has Been Underrated

Not Google. Google has been rated just fine. But not Larry Page. When we think of Larry Page, we don't think of him in terms of Steve Jobs or Bill Gates. Steve Jobs is even more mysterious than Bill Gates. Jobs had the theatrics done right. There was plenty of essence to him, but he was the master of how the media plays itself out. Compared to that Larry Page is boring. He does not have much of a stage presence. But the guy is a tech genius. And Google is the bright star in the sky.

I have felt this a long time. I am on record at this blog saying Larry Page should have been the Google CEO the entire time. If it were not for Larry, Google might have missed the Android boat altogether.

Now there is an article that supports my long held feelings towards Larry Page. Heck, compared to Larry Page even Marissa Mayer has more media wattage.

I think Larry Page will be truly appreciated when the Google Car hits the road in droves, universal internet access becomes a reality, gigabit broad…