So I Got My Seven Inch Android Tablet

Believe it or not, this is the first "touch" device I have owned. I bought it online at for 75 bucks, tax included. The market price is 200 bucks.

The Nexus 4 I did manage to place an order for the final week of November is still nowhere in sight. I am thinking it might show up by mid January. And so I needed to get my hands on something. I happened upon this deal. It says Made In China. Go China.

I was thinking the 99 dollar seven inch Nexus 7 rumor might be true. So far it does not seem to be holding. Heck, the 199 dollar Nexus 7 has long been out of stock.

I am too active when I am surfing. I am constantly typing away. So for me touch is not where it is at. It is nice to have. But it was never going to be heavy duty.

I got into the obvious games - Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, Temple Run - and stacked up some books on my Amazon Kindle app. That Kindle app might be the key attraction for me.

I also had to go online to buy a case for the seven incher. I think I paid six bucks, and free shipping.

I might be running late, but below $100 is the right global price point for this tablet. This is the "one laptop per child" we all have been waiting for. I expect functionalities to get better over time.

I can see me reading books on the train.

It is a sorry little thing though. I think it has 2GB of spare space. And the battery might last a little over two hours.

Wait until I get my hands on my Nexus 4. Now that comes with bragging rights.

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