Online Payments

Online shopping has been growing by leaps and bounds. Every year the holiday shopping season seems to bring with it an increased percentage of online sales. There are advantages and disadvantages to shopping online:


Convenience - You can shop at any time, and won't have to wait in line.

Certainty - You can search for the best deal on any given product without having to drive around to different stores. Simply click and purchase.

Conjestion Free - You don't have to fight the crowds, or deal with sitting in traffic.


Confusion - Sometimes it's hard to tell what a product is like without seeing it. Make sure you check a websites return policy before making a purchase.

Cost of Shipping - Sometimes there is a cost involved in shipping a products. Look for sites that offer free shipping. Many websites offer this during the holidays.

Customer Service - If you have a question, sometimes it can be hard to get the answer. This is getting better as more websites are figuring out ways to serve their online customers better. Some websites have a section of their site dedicated to FAQ's, have a live chat option, or a toll free number to call.

While the rest of the world (read "old economy") has been reeling in deep recession,, the ultimate online retailer seems to have no signs of hard times.

The ability to make an online payment is fundamental to the growth of e-commerce. It's important for the consumer to be able to make payments safely and securely. Online retailers are working with merchant accounts to make this part of their customer satisfaction guarantee. Check a website before making a purchase to make sure they have a reliable online payment option.

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