Google, Apple, Amazon, Facebook: Coalition Partners

Google, Apple, Amazon, Facebook. True, these are the tech giants at the cutting edge, and it is but natural that they might have turf wars - good for the consumer - but I still see it as them working together to eat up more and more of the traditionally offline action. More and more advertising will move to the digital realm. More and more searching will happen online. More and more buying will happen online. More and more socializing will have online components.

Analysis: Amazon, Google on collision course in 2013
Lurking in the shadows for both Google and Amazon is Facebook with its own search and advertising ambitions. .... "Amazon wants to be the one place where you buy everything. Google wants to be the one place where you find everything, of which buying things is a subset.... So when you marry those facts I think you're going to see a natural collision." .... 96 percent of Google's $38 billion in 2011 sales came from advertising. ..... But Amazon's newly developed "DSP" technology, which taps into the company's vast store of consumer purchase history to help marketers target ads at specific groups of people on and on other websites, could change all that. ... "From a client's perspective, the data that Amazon owns is actually better than what Google has.....They know what you just bought, and they also know what you are right now trying to buy." ..... By showing ads for products that it may not actually sell on its own website, Amazon establishes itself as a starting point for consumers looking to buy something on the Web.

Can Google Challenge Apple Without Apple's Manufacturing Prowess?
Steve Jobs did the marketing pizazz, it was Cook who really built that chain capable of churning out tens of millions of pieces of a new product in the first quarter after release. ..... They can actually execute on a large scale out there in the physical world.

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