Skyfall: A Bond Movie For The Times

There is a touch of Bourne to it. One of their own comes to make damage. You train a spy and he turns on you. Only Bourne is a good guy, here the designation is to the bad guy. But then that is why you put James in the movie. James, James Bond.

And modern warfare is cyber. Skyfall has a ton of that. Bond has to travel back in time.

Cyber Pearl Harbor Will Be From Stateless Entity Like Al Qaeda

"Do you feel safe?" I thought that was a powerful line.

Skyfall has the usual dose of Bond action. And the scary guy from No Country For Old Men is the bad guy here.

Call It

I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. Bond does not cease to surprise. The final part in Scotland is really something.

The Quartermaster scene is really something. Welcome to the new world.

This is another movie I am looking forward to. Zero Dark Thirty. Music makes for much of the action.

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