Off Season April Fool Joke On Yahoo Facebook Search Deal

This is not the first time respectable media got it wrong. Actually the media routinely gets it wrong. But flat out wrong is a little rare.

Yahoo Facebook Search Alliance Would Be Interesting
Yahoo and Facebook Not in Search Alliance Discussions
(Speaking of movies, I am sorry it took me so long to get to this, but I was seeing the final “Twilight” movie with some All Things Digital staffers. I can report that the sparkly vampires of the film are also not in search alliance talks with Facebook.)
I guess the implausible part is that it perhaps is truly hard for Yahoo to walk away from Microsoft on search, and if the idea is to compete with Google, Bing is not a bad ally, it is number two. Heck, Facebook teamed up with that very Bing.

Yahoo wanting to go back to fight the search wars would be like Steve Jobs wanting to go back and fight the PC wars.

"The PC wars are over. Microsoft won!" is what Steve Jobs wisely said when he took over Apple. Marissa Mayer is better off looking in the mobile direction. That is raw territory.
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