4:00 PM Alert: Order Placed

Google Wallet Logo
Google Wallet Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The trick was to click on the proceed button non stop. Ugh! It only took me an hour. But that incessant clicking enlightenment was not achieved until the final 15 minutes or so.

But there still was a false scare. See image 2. I hope it was false. My Google Wallet page shows the order went through. Done, done and done!

But the bumper is still out of stock. Funny.

Is it really 4-5 weeks? That is past Christmas. I hope not. The wallet page says two days. Or maybe it is a two day shipping process that will start in 4-5 weeks.

I guess, Happy New Year, everyone!

3:05 PM Report: Nexus 4
3 PM Report: Nexus 4
Nexus 4 Magic Waiting To Happen
The Best Christmas Gift One Can Hope For

The 16 GB version says "Ships in 1 - 2 weeks." I should have gone for that. But I had placed a psychological barrier at the $300 mark. Google had managed to bring the price down below $300. I was not about to spoil that.

Oh, oof. A big hurdle has been crossed.

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