$299 For Phone, Then $30 A Month

And I am thinking this is almost Republic Wireless territory. Granted there is no unlimited talking, but I guess the trick is to use the unlimited data to use your Google Voice app. I have been using Google Voice as my primary phone for years now. It is free. The quality is great. And it is really smart. The integration to my Gmail account is unbeatable. Otherwise I get anxious giving out my regular phone number. My Google Voice is a much cleaner experience. I like my address book in the cloud.

The Republic Wireless price experience with the sexiest phone experience, you can't beat that.

Republic Wireless' $19 Feast
Nexus 4: Sold Out
Nexus 4: My First Smartphone
The Nexus 4 Phone
Nexus 4 At $299: Really?

Nexus 4 is sold out. And the T-Mobile pre-paid SIM card that makes the $30 a month plan possible is also sold out. Interesting. Looks like a lot of people are going for this.

Google's Nexus 4: Understanding your carrier options
If you can manage with a low pool of monthly minutes (and with free Google services, it's more feasible than you'd think), T-Mobile Monthly 4G is about as cheap as you can get for smartphone service. The company's marquee prepaid plan -- which I use myself -- is $30 a month for 100 anytime minutes, unlimited texting, and unlimited data (with the first 5GB per month at 4G HSPA+ speeds). .......... Straight Talk is a Wal-Mart-affiliated provider that offers service on your choice of AT&T's or T-Mobile's network. Its best plan is $45 a month for unlimited minutes, unlimited texting, and unlimited data
How free Google services can help shrink your phone bill
trim back your monthly minutes -- and that doesn't mean you have to talk any less ...... The only number I give out to people these days is my Google Voice number ...... a fee-free VoIP phone line for your home and/or office. No hassle, no bills, and -- at least in my experience -- landline-like call quality. ..... As long as I'm at home, my actual cell phone never rings and I never use any cellular minutes. ........ a VoIP calling app for my Android phone ..... GrooVe IP lets you use the free Google calling service right from your smartphone; instead of using cellular minutes, you place calls over Wi-Fi or your 3G/4G data connection
How free Google services can help shrink your phone bill
Why I'm ditching the Verizon Galaxy Nexus
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