How Is Google Different?

For one, it has stayed supremely innovative. Anthropologists need to look into Google's culture. There is something in that culture.

Google is my favorite tech company. I am a Google fanboy like some people are Apple fanboys. Hardware is afterthought to me. For me a laptop is something that takes me to the Chrome browser.

Robert Bork on antitrust: Google is no Microsoft
a case of competitors' sour grapes ..... Bork's mention of competitors is a not-so-veiled swipe at a lobbying group called that's funded by Google competitors including Microsoft, Oracle, and Kayak. FairSearch claims that governments "must act now" against Google "to protect competition, transparency, and innovation in online search." ..... FTC action against Google "for its search practices would necessitate regulation of search algorithms and product improvements, which would retard the current pace of innovation in Internet search that has created enormous gains in consumer welfare."
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