The iPhone And The GDP

This is rather curious. Just one little thing, the i is a small letter even at the beginning of a sentence.

Wall Street Journal: IPhone 5 Sales Could Offer Big Boost to GDP
analysts expect Apple to sell about 8 million iPhone 5 units in the final three months of the year. If the phone sells for around $600, with about $200 of it counted as imported components, then $400 per phone would figure into the government’s measure of gross domestic product...... The new iPhone sales could boost GDP by $3.2 billion in the fourth quarter, or $12.8 billion at an annual rate. That is an increase of 0.33 percentage point in the annualized rate of GDP growth. It could be even higher, he says. Even a third of a percentage point would limit the downside risk to J.P. Morgan’s fourth-quarter growth projection of 2%. ..... forecasts for third-quarter GDP growth to 1.5% and the fourth quarter to 1.4%, both down seven-tenths of a percentage point, largely due to the effect of the drought on farm output. ..... The economy grew at a 2% pace in the first quarter of this year, then slowed to 1.7% in the second quarter. In the final three months of last year, the U.S. economy expanded at a 4.1% pace after a sharp slowdown earlier in the year.

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