Path Is In China, Why Not Facebook?

I wonder if the closed nature of Path makes it more palatable to the communist party honchos, but it makes no sense to let Path in and keep Facebook out. Both are so very similar in what you can do with them. On Facebook you can have 5,000 friends, on Path only 150. Used to be 50.

Or is Path too small to not have been noticed yet?

Dave Morin Says China Is Path’s Second Biggest Country
A lot of the early growth with Path 2.0 was in Japan and Korea, and Path’s second largest user base is in China, he said. Things have been picking up in the United States, too, especially in “these nice metro pockets.” .... photosharing remains the most popular activity. Music-sharing recently surged ahead to number two spot, overtaking the ability to announce when you fall asleep and wake up
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