How HTML 5 Beat Adobe In The Apple Arena

Steve Jobs was a controversial figure both in life and in his legacy and although he made some shock decisions time has shown that he was quite the visionary when it came to accurately predicting the outcome of certain choices and events. There will never be another Steve Jobs but there are those that try and closely emulate the Apple CEO’S decisions. Apart from revolutionising and reinvigorating the Apple brand, Jobs also forced the mobile casino industry to sit up and take notice of the development of games for the iPad and iPhone casino industry.

When Steve Jobs made the executive decision to cut out Adobe Flash as a gaming platform for iPhone casino games he realised he would face a backlash from developers around the world. Jobs replaced Adobe that he called unsecure, unstable and unreliable with HTML 5, a move at the time that threw mobile casino developers into a spin. A war had been started between Jobs and Adobe when Jobs wrote an open letter to Adobe criticising their lack of support and security features and their plug-in intensive technology. Initially it seemed a harsh stance for Jobs to take, to simply
eliminate the iPhone casino and mobile casino platform that he had relied on until then and replace it with a technology that was, at that stage not commonly in use.

We know now that what Apple did in eradicating Flash games and relying only on HTML made it possible for us to enjoy the best iPhone casino games we are accustomed to today, and that without this decision we would still be struggling with games that were semi compatible with smart phones and tablets and never delivered what they promised.

Long term, it seemed that although Steve never got to see his HTML 5 mobile casino development come fully into fruition he had made the right decision. Adobe conceded defeat and issued a statement saying they would steer away from developing for iPhone casino and other mobile gaming platforms and focus more on their online applications and programs that utilise HTML 5. This nod in the direction of Apples decision made it clear that Steve Jobs was quite the visionary and his suspicions that Adobe could never quite compete with the marketability of HTML 5 were 100% correct.



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