Dorsey, The Closest Thing To Next Jobs

A lot of people secretly hope to be the next Steve Jobs, or not so secretly. I have met quite a few early stage entrepreneurs whose idea of being Steve Jobs like is to exhibit really nasty behavior. It is like when I was in Nepal I thought crime was the only thing that happened in New York City. It does happen, but in my years here, thankfully, I have yet to witness one. Steve Jobs actually treated his team really, really well. The flares aside.

Sean Parker is too much of a visionary Chairperson, perhaps not enough of a CEO. Steve Jobs was CEO, period. His was a daily executing grind. Jeff Bezos belongs to the same generation as Jobs almost, and besides he has been with the same company the entire time. That is like Larry Ellison without his divorces.

Jack Dorsey is CEO. He has had his unhappy ouster from the company he founded. There is the drama, even the intensity. And he might still take Twitter to its promised, unrealized heights.

“I Never Wanted To Be An Entrepreneur” Says Jack Dorsey
”Twitter was not started because we had a good idea. It was started out of a failure. And that can happen today” .... Twitter is estimated to have around 500 million users — although not all of them active. Square has over 100 million active users.

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