The First Hour

How to spend the first hour after waking up? Not everyone has the luxury to ask. What if you have no choice but to spend that hour on your commute?

Should your time in the restroom be minimal? Should you work out some other time of the day? Should emails and phone calls be saved for the afternoon hours?

For some people the magic happens late at night, not first thing in the morning. But still.

Light meditation and prayers are also good ideas. A little yoga never hurt anyone.

What Successful People Do With The First Hour Of Their Work Day
Don’t Check Your Email for the First Hour. Seriously. Stop That. ..... David Karp will “try hard” not to check his email until 9:30 or 10 a.m. .... “Hour of Power,” “30 Minutes to Thrive,” or at least “Fifteen Minutes to Fulfillment.” Part of it involves light exercise, part of it involves motivational incantations, but the most accessible piece involves 10 minutes of thinking of everything you’re grateful for: in yourself, among your family and friends, in your career, and the like. After that, visualize “everything you want in your life as if you had it today.” .... if you eat a live frog first thing in the morning, you’ve got it behind you for the rest of the day, and nothing else looks so bad ..... tackling that terrible, weighty thing you don’t want to do first thing in the morning ..... If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?" ..... Newmark says customers service “anchors me to reality.”
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