Reading Every Comment

Fred Wilson writes great blog posts. His style of writing is remarkable. He naturally speaks simply and clearly. That is no small feat for someone who deals with some very complex technology for a living. But as impressive as his blog posts are I think where he truly shines is in his dedication to read every comment anyone ever leaves at his blog. Fred Wilson has not been able to read every email in his inbox in years. But he reads every comment left at his blog. Now you know how to get hold of him!

Fred Wilson: Reading Every Comment
I read every comment left on AVC. .... The community here is large and engaged. They can have a great conversation without me. .... I have long made peace with not reading every email that is sent to me. I bet I don't read more than 25% of the emails sent to me these days. I still manage to read every email my wife and kids send to me. And I still manage to read most of the email my colleagues at USV send to me. And I still manage to read most of the email our portfolio companies send to me. Beyond that, it's a crap shoot
Fred Wilson's Blog: A Gift That Keeps Giving
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