Lethargic Academia, Fast Media

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Doctors are stereotypically smart people. But health care sucks when it comes to use of IT. How do you explain that? That also applies to academia. Academics are even more stereotypically smart than doctors. But they lag behind when it comes to use of IT. That is a disservice. Because service is affected.

Mendeley injects some pace into academia with fast, big data
managing documents online is a pretty busy space right now ... Mendeley .... the site has become a big hit with academics and researchers, signing up nearly 2 million members from universities and institutions all over the world, because it allows them to keep tabs on all the research papers, documents and files ..... “The biggest problem in academia is the long waiting time: it can take three to five years from the time you have done research to get it published — all the decisions you make in an academic career are based around that time lag” ....... Between them, the site’s members have uploaded some 260 million documents, representing around 65 million unique research papers and studies — around 50 percent larger than any of the existing commercial databases. By mining those documents and watching activity around them, Mendeley’s able to help institutions understand the trends as they emerge… not years afterwards. ...... get to life-changing discoveries faster .... ResearchGate ... Digital Science
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