Internet Marketing For Car Dealerships

Online marketing can work and is crucial for restaurants, for law firms, for grocery stores, and for car dealerships.

Marketing Your Restaurant Online

20 Killer Article Ideas To Get Your Car Dealership Blog Started
I am going to assume that you have already bought into why you should have a blog for your dealership..... Starting a blog is the easy part. The problem is a majority of blogs do not make it to see their 1st birthday because of a lack of vision, process, and content ideas. .... Your future car buyers are going to Google and typing in all the questions they may have about their next vehicle purchase or service. Once Google realizes that you are the authority on these topics you are going to make it rain with the search engines!! ..... Talk to the staff and find out “What are the top 10 questions” customers ask on a regular basis. Do this for sales and service and you will be able to get a list together in no time. ..... Review everything!!! New car comes out.. Review it! New option comes out..Review it (Navigation, Blue Tooth, Iphone App). Online shoppers will add the word “review” to the end of all kinds of search queries. ..... fresh original content
Car Dealer Internet Marketing
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