Google Chrome 21: Can You Smell It?

google chrome
google chrome (Photo credit: toprankonlinemarketing)
21 releases already? That is fast paced innovation. Chrome has been the best browser for a while now. It's just that Internet Explorer has legacy users.

Google Chrome 21 stable release adds Retina MacBook Pro support, webcam use without plugins
Chrome 21 is now crisp and clear for those who took the plunge on Apple's new laptop but would rather not cling to Safari for the web. No matter what hardware you're using, Google has rolled in its promised WebRTC support to let webcams and microphones have their way without Flash or other plugins. Other notable tweaks like wider support for Cloud Print
New senses for the web
What if web apps could see? What if they could hear? ..... The getUserMedia API is the first step in WebRTC, a new real-time communications standard which aims to allow high-quality video and audio communication on the web

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