Full Length Movies On YouTube For Free

If only they had the right pricing model - I vote for $1 per movie - they might not have to take them down. The quality would be better. They'd make money.

How To Watch Full-Length Movies on YouTube for Free - But Not For Long
they’re so-called “cammed” films, which means that they were recorded illegally at a theater with a camcorder, and then uploaded ..... In the last month or so, movie piracy has taken hold of YouTube like wildfire. While the number of current releases is small, finding older films isn’t that hard. ..... YouTube enforces a 10-minute limit on uploaded videos, but users qucikly found they could simply break up longer clips into ten-minute chunks, with helpful pointers to the next clip in the series. .... In 2010, YouTube eliminated that the 10-minute limit for some trusted users, some of whom quickly used their new-found freedom to upload copyrighted clips. .... YouTube users upload 72 hours of video every minute, making the process of identifying copyrighted content even more challenging .... first, that it’s unclear who owns the copyright to a given movie, and second, that Content ID requires the copyright holder to notify Google before a movie can be pulled down .... the poor quality of the movies fooled Content ID
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