Disqus Beating Google Search For Traffic

These are the top traffic sources for the past month. Note how Google is number one.

But then these are top sources for the past week. Note how Google is not in the top three, and Disqus is number two, and Google News has showed up. That MyHealthScore.com is a discrepancy. I don't know what that is and I don't know why and how it is sending me traffic. And it likely will not be there next week.

But Disqus is news. This is social traffic beating search traffic. Even with Google News I think what is happening is I share all my blog posts on Google Plus. They show up on the Google News page of people in my Google Plus and Gmail circles. You know that corner in the bottom right of the Google News page? There. And some people are clicking.

This is of great interest to me. For the first time for this blog social media is beating search in terms of traffic. To a lot of people that happened a long time ago. And for Disqus to take the lead? As opposed to Facebook and Twitter. But then I am not so sure all the Twitter traffic is being recorded right.

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