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Why Bloggers Should Freelance
freelancing pays. Blogging might or might not pay
Inside the Life of the Other Kind of ProBlogger
what about the other kind of problogger, the one who gets paid simply to write blog posts? You might think of them as freelance bloggers, or staff writers, or maybe you’ve never actually thought about them at all ... ProBlogger job board
Speedlinking – While I was Gone….
5 Blogs You Can’t Live Without
1. Problogger 2. Content Marketing Institute Blog 3. The Sales Lion 4. Copyblogger 5. John Chow dot Com
The 7 Bad Habits of Insanely Productive People
Stay focused, be motivated, get your exercise, floss twice a day and eat your veggies. ..... Most of the successful people I know are sensitive and perceptive. And yes, when they get criticized, they feel like shit... The more progress you make, the thicker your emotional skin will naturally get, because you’ll start to realize that you’re actually doing something that matters, and the peanut gallery isn’t. ..... Sensitivity is an asset, don’t try to beat it out of yourself. .. If you’re stretching yourself, you’ll drop the ball sometimes. .... You’ve got to selfishly draw some lines — around how you’re going to take care of yourself, around how much time you’ll give to your project, around getting enough sleep and taking some time off. ..... unless you’re under ten years old, if you don’t take care of yourself, no one else is going to show up and do it for you. .... It’s ridiculous to burn down your life to create a successful company. Ridiculous and unnecessary and antithetical to success. So don’t. .... (I hate almost all rich people, but I think I’d be darling at it. ~Dorothy Parker) .... The best (and most fun) way to make money is by helping other people … a lot. .... there are no accidental millionaires. The closest we have — lottery winners — rarely manage to keep hold of their wealth. ..... students who had been diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder were much better at solving creative problems than other students ..... "Although we live in an age that worships attention — when we need to work, we force ourselves to concentrate — this approach can inhibit the imagination. Sometimes it helps to consider irrelevant information, to eavesdrop on all the stray associations unfolding in the far reaches of the brain. Occasionally, focus can backfire and make us fixated on the wrong answers." ..... some of the people you might envy for their laser focus have a hard time seeing the broader picture. They may be executing the hell out of their strategy today … but watch what they do in the long term. .... The more widely you read, look, watch, listen, and think, the more genuinely remarkable ideas you’re going to come up with. .... one marker of a business leader who succeeds over time is what Collins calls “productive paranoia.” ... for an entrepreneur .. a big dose of healthy self-doubt is much more useful. .... Toot your own horn. Admit that you’re kind of a big deal. .... for your project to become truly epic — to help an epic number of people — you’re going to have to get out there and talk it up. Which will make some people uncomfortable.
10 Ways to Get Tons of Massive Comments on Your Blog Every Time
great blog articles ‘stir the pot’, thus causing people to think, question, and have a desire to respond with their own sentiments .... I don’t think the ‘learning’, in most cases, starts until the comment section. The comment section is the place where the community converges and a synergy of diverse thought mixes. ..... the science of commenting on other blogs so as to build awareness, branding, and comment reciprocity. He set commenting goals, did studies, and once even commented on 100 blog articles in a single day. ...... Tristan’s blog took off like a rocket .... goes without saying you should reply to every comment someone leaves on your site .... we can do everything in the world in terms of great networking, but you’ve got to be a thought leader in your niche ..... learn to be the guy or girl that isn’t afraid to have a strong opinion regarding topics in your niche ..... Do you mention others in your blog posts? Do you praise your peers more than you praise yourself? .... at the end of almost all of my articles I’ll ask one or two questions to readers and then say something really silly, like “Remember, comment checks will be sent in the mail every 3rd Friday of the month”
15 Inspired Bloggers Who are Changing the Blogosphere as We Know It
the one component of blogging that I never anticipated, yet by far appreciate the most—the relationships I would form with some incredible people
The Best Blog Posting Schedule Ever: Finally, Proof and Real Numbers!
“We’ve run the numbers, and they’re much better since we started posting twice daily.”
Massive Blog Growth: Do You Really Have the Time it Takes?
after a couple of arduous months of little to no success, the reality of my situation became clear—The comments were few and far between, and I had no community. .... eventually I started to understand principles of blog commenting, networking, and relationships ..... now, roughly 18 months later, the Sales Lion community is rich with a thoughtful and active network of thinkers, movers, and shakers. .... although every new blogger seems to dream of the days when they’re getting 50 and 60 comments per post, I don’t think most understand just what this will mean in terms of time, dedication, and hard work. ..... even though the article was only 14oo words, my replies to all the comments were just a hair under 5000 words
9 Lessons I Learned From the Biggest Blogging Jerk Ever

How To Change Your Bad Blogging Habits

The BackLight
My Report on the First Half of 2012 (and Plans for the Second Half)
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