Augmented Reality Getting Closer

You don't need zombie goggles to experience augmented reality. In its stripped down form you experience augmented reality more often than you realize you do. If your smartphone is helping you better navigate your surroundings, you are already on.

Augmented Reality Is Finally Getting Real
As smartphones explode in popularity, augmented reality is starting to move from novelty to utility. ... helped by the massive popularity of smartphones and tablets, and their constantly improving processors and sensors, along with the growth of high-speed wireless data networks ..... The software uses a smartphone's GPS, accelerometer, and compass to determine a user's position and line of site; but also to triangulate with other phones using the same software to determine specifically what everyone in a cluster is looking at. The company's technology has been used in a number of apps, including one for a recent NASCAR race in which fans, who couldn't see the entire 2.5-mile track, could point their phones at distant turns and get photos and videos generated by others who were closer to the action. .... Project Glass draws attention to the idea of a digital layer on top of the physical world..... Swedish furniture maker Ikea's 2013 catalog, 211 million copies of which were shipped out Wednesday, includes additional content that readers can see with an Android or iOS app.
Augmented reality could also make possible intimate remote engagement. You could have participated in Tahrir Square action. I guess you already did through Twitter. See? Twitter is also augmented reality. It is a stretch to say that, but it is.

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