Apple's July

Tim Cook, Apple COO, in january 2009, after Ma...
Tim Cook, Apple COO, in january 2009, after Macworld Expo keynote. Picture by Valery Marchive (LeMagIT) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I guess Apple is trying to meet demands it has never been able to meet. You have to remember Tim Cook's primary thing is that he is a supply chain guy. That is what he shone for under Jobs.

Apple suppliers see best July on record as they prepare for 'largest launch in history'
the ramp up for a series of new iOS gadgets that will combine for the 'biggest second-half product launches' in the company's history.... the largest electronics product launches of all time. ... "With the iPhone 5 launch and "iPad Mini" on the horizon, along with the potential for an Apple TV in the coming quarters, we believe Apple's stock is prepared for the next major leg up that could propel Apple to our $1,111 price target over the next year" .... also looking forward to the potential addition of China Mobile to the company's carrier lineup during the first half of 2013, "providing plenty of excitement for investors."

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