Apple Slowing Down?

You can put out only so many iterations of the iPhone and the iPad. And I don't think an iTV is in the works. So what's next? Is there no next? Has Apple reached its pinnacle? Is Apple going to now see a lost decade?

I'd not count out Apple so fast. It is an amazing company, it has been. And the iPhone and the iPad still have a few years' of air in their sails. But it is hard for me to see what fundamental product it might bring out in, say, three years that might be as much a departure as the iPhone was when it came out.

Apple’s revenue growth slowdown is fast – and global
Everyone knew that those growth rates simply had to come down, but the speed of the slowdown is a shock. .... not only is Apple falling off its March quarter growth faster than expected, the rapid cooling is evident simultaneously in North America, Europe and Asia — all major regions .... Perhaps the phenomenal strength of the Samsung Galaxy S III in June and July finally dented Apple’s smartphone momentum measurably. Samsung hit the 10 million unit sales mark in two months this summer ... Apple is now facing the Skylla and Charybdis of the European debt crisis and Samsung’s emergence as a real rival. We may well finally see some real iPhone price aggression from Apple in emerging markets come next winter

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